Enchanted Tree


Enchanted Tree 1001


Add a touch of magic to your child or baby's bedroom with this wonderful Enchanted Tree. A wall decal easy to apply and removable.

This decal is available in two different sizes:
- Small (89"x86")
- Large (114"x111")

Customize your order:
This decal consists of a name, a tree and three identical sets of stars (they differ only in their color). The tree, the child's name and one of the set of stars are the same color. Each set contains:
- 3 large stars
- 5 medium stars
- 5 small stars

Colours used:
Main color: White
Stars color (set 2): Carnation pink
Stars color (set 3): Lavender

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Pick your main color (tree, name and 1st set of stars color)
Stars color (set 2)
Stars color (set 3)
Child name
Enchanted Tree Enchanted Tree Enchanted Tree Enchanted Tree Enchanted Tree